Important Revolution in India

Every year UPSC, CSAT, IAS, WBCS, STATE PSC ask one or two question about the important revolution in India. It also linked like the founder, most effected states, which 'five-year plan' it's granted etc. You must know about related. Here is the list of the most important revolution in India.

Name Related Details
Green Revolution Agriculture
  • Father of the green revolution India- M.S Swaminathan
  • Father of the green evolution in the world- Norman Borlaug
  • Started in 1960 to increase food production rapidly
  • The introduction of high yield varieties of seeds (hybrid), increase the production
  • Success Wheat, Punjab
White Revolution Milk
  • Father of the white revolution in India (Operation food)- Verghese Kurien
  • Founder of Amul
  • Shyam Bengal production on this milk movement
Blue Revolution Fish & Aquatic Animal
  • Aquaculture refers to all form of active culturing of aquatic animal and plants, occurring in marine, brackish or freshwater especially fish
  • India is the second-largest producer of fish after China
  • The government will come Umbrella scheme for integrated development and management of fisheries
  • Father of Blue revolution India - Harilal Choudhary
Golden Revolution Fruits, Honey, Horticulture
  • Period between 1991-2013
  • Horticulture- Cultivation of medical plants, fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds, herps etc.
  • Father of Golden evolution India - Nirpakh Tutes
Silver Revolution Eggs, Poultry farming
  • More production of eggs with the help of medical science and more production of fatty food like chicken, Turks, ducks etc.
  • Father of Indian silver revolution - Indira Gandhi
Black Revolution Petroleum Period- 1970
Yello Revolution Oilseeds Year-1986
Pink Revolution Prawns, Onion, Pharma chemical also Father of the Pink Revolution in India - Durgesh Patel
Gray Revolution Fertilizer, Housing, Bull development The year 1984
Brown Revolution Leather, Coco, Non-Conventional energy source production
Red Revolution Meat, Tomato etc. Father of the Red revolution in India - Bishal Tiwari
Round Revolution Potato
Golden Fiber Jute
Silver Fiber Revolution Cotton

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