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State wise Most Important Dam in India

State Wise Most Important Dam in Indai

More than 3200 major Dams in India

Importance Dam in India
SL. No. State Name Dam
1 Jammu & Kashmir
  1. Baglihar Dam
    -Chenab River
    -Hydro Electrical Dam
    -Dul Hasti Hydroelectric Plant
    -Salal Hydroelectric Plant
  2. Kishanganga Dam
    -Kishanganga River
  3. Uri Dam
    -Jhelum River
    -Located near LOC, Baramulla District
2 Himachal Pradesh
  1. Bhakra Dam
    -Sutlej River
    -Highest Gravity Dam, 226 metre
    -Govind Sagar Reservoir is made on it
  2. Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam
    -Beas River
    -Also known as Pong reservoir or Pong Dam lake
    -Side is one of the 26th wetlands side declared in India by the Ramser Convention
3 Punjab
  1. Ranjit Sagar Dam
    -Ravi River
4 Uttarakhand
  1. Ramganga Dam
    -Ramganga River
  2. Theri Dam
    -Bhagirathi River
5 Uttar Pradesh
  1. Chittorgarh Dam
    -Ganga Basin
  2. Gobind Sagar Dam
  3. Sirsi Dam
  4. Chandraprabha Dam
  5. Rihand Dam
    -Rihand River which is tributary of River Son
    -It's reserver is known as Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar on M.P and U.P Border
6 Bihar
  1. Indrapuri Barrage is across the Son River also called Son Barrage
  2. Durgawati Dam
    -Durgawati River
7 Rajasthan Morethan 227 Dams in Rajasthan
  1. Bhopal Sagar Dam
    -Breach River
  2. Bishalpur Dam
    -Banas River
  3. Chandrabhaga Dam
    -Chandrabhaga River
  4. Fatech Sagar Dam
    -Breach River
  5. Harishchandra Sagar Dam
    -Ganga Basin
  6. Jawahar Sagar Dam
    -Chambal River
  7. Rajsamand Dam
    -GomtiBanas River
  8. Ranapratap Sagar Dam
    -Chambal River
8 Madhya Pradesh
  1. Gandhi Sagar Dam
    -Chambal River
  2. Omkareshwar Dam
    -Narmada River
  3. Indira Sagar Dam
    -Narmada River
9 Gujarat Morethan 504 Dams
  1. Sardar Sarovar Dam
  2. Sabarmoti Dam
    -Sabarmoti River
  3. Kadana Dam
    -Mahi River
  4. Mitti Dam
    -Mitti River
  5. Ukai Dam
    -Tapti River
10 Chhattishgarh
  1. Gangrel Dam, also called Ravi Sankar Sagar Dam
    -Mahanadi River
  2. Dudhawa Dam
    -Mahanadi River
11 Jharkhand
  1. Palna Dam
    -Kumari River
  2. Moitan Dam
    -Barrakar River
12 West Bengal
  1. Farakka Barrage
    - Across the river Ganga, Located at the border of India and Bangladesh
13 Orrisa
  1. Hirakud Dam
    -Mahanadi River
  2. Indravati Dam
    -Indravati River
14 Andhra Pradesh
  1. Nagarjuna Dam
    -Krishna River
  2. Srisailam Dam
    -Krishna River
15 Telengana
  1. Nizam Sagar Dam, also known as Manjiram Dam
    -Tributary of Godavari River
16 Maharashtra
  1. Kayna Dam
    -Koyna River
  2. Sukna Dam
    -Sukna River
  3. Godavari Dam
    -Darna River
  4. Ujami/Bhima Dam
    -Bhima River
17 Goa
  1. Salaulim Dam
    -Sanguem River
18 Karnataka
  1. Krishna Sagar Dam
    -Kaveri River
  2. Tungabhadra Dam
    -Tungabhadra River, Tributary of Kadana River
19 Tamil Nadu
  1. Amaravati Dam
    -Amaravati River
  2. Metthur Dam
    -Kaveri River
  3. Vaigai Dam
    -Vaigai River
20 Kerala
  1. Idukki Dam
    -Periyar River
  2. Mullaperiyar Dam
    -Periyar River

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