Most Important Battle in Indian History

 Name of the Battle





 Battle of Hydaspes

 326 BC

 Alexander and Porus


 Fought on the bank of the Jehlum, which is called 'Hydaspes' in Greek, opened relation between India and the west.

 Kalinga War

 260 BC

 Ashoka and king of Kalinga


 Vast destruction and bloodshed changed the attitude of Ashoka and embraced Buddhism.

 First Battle of Tarain or Thaneswar

 1191 AD

 Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori

Prithviraj Chauhan

Heavy losses Indian Economy.

 Second Battle of Tarain

 1192 AD

  Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori

  Mohd. Ghori

  Establishment of an Islamic empire in India.

 First Battle of Panipat

 1526 AD

 Ibrahim Lodi and Babur


 Onset of the Mughal Emperor in India

 Battle of Khanwa

 1527 AD

 Babur and Rana Sanga


 Gujrat state Hindu kingdom fall.

 Battle of Chausa

 1539 AD

 Sher Shah and Humayun

 Sher Shah

 Sher Shah becomes emperor of India.

 Second Battle of Panipat

 1556 AD

 Akbar and Hemu


 Ended Afghan rule, strengthened mughal rule.

 Battle of Talikota

 1565 AD

 Combine force of 4 Muslim rulers of Deccan and Ramraja of Vijayanagar 

 Muslim force

 Destroyed Hindu kingdom of the Deccan, sealed the fortunes of Vijaynagar empire.

 Battle of Haldighat

 1576 AD

 Rana Pratap and Akbar


 Rana Pratap fought gallantly and took refuge in remote fortress.

 Battle of Samugarh

 1659 AD

 Aurangzeb and Imperial forces led by Dara


 Aurangzeb capture the Mughal throne.

 Battle of Palassey

 1757 AD

Sirajuddaula and English forces under Clive

 English Force

 Fought at Palassey. English becomes musters of Bengal and foundation of British rule.

 Thired Battle of Panipat

 1761 AD

 Ahmed Shah Abdali and Marathas

 Ahmed Shah Abdali

 Gave a setback to Marathas in north; sealed destiny of Mughal empire and made British entry easier.

 Battle of Buxar

 1764 AD

Joint force of Muslim and English forces 

 English forces

 Led to English occupation of India.

 Third Mysore War

 1790-1792 AD

 English force and Tipu Sultan

 English forces

 Tipu sultan had to sign treaty of the seringapattam.

 Forth Mysore War

 1799 AD

 English forces and Tipu sultan

 English Forces

 Fought at Malavaliand brought the Mohammedan dynasty of Mysore to end.

 Second Sikh War

 1848-1849 AD

 English forces and Sikhs

 English forces

Sikh kingdom came under the British. 

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