First artificial satellite of different countries

First artificial satellite of different countries

We list out most important first artificial satellite of different countries. Must read it before your exam preparation.

Country Name First Artificial Satelite Date of launch
USSR Sputnik 1 4th 0ct, 1957
USA Explorer 1 1st Feb, 1958
UK Ariel 1 26th Apr, 1962
Canada Alouette 1 29th Sep, 1962
Italy San Marco 1 15th Dec, 1964
France Asterix 26th Nov, 1965
Australia WRESAT 29th Nov, 1967
Japan Ohsumi 11th Feb, 1970
China Dongfanghong 1 28th Apr, 1970
Spain Intasat 15th Nov, 1974
India Aryabhata 19th Apr, 1975
Indonesia Palapa A1 8th Apr, 1976
Czechoslovakia Magion 1 24th Oct, 1978
Bulgaria Bulgaria 1300 7th Aug, 1981
Saudi Arabia Arabsat-1A 8th Feb, 1985
Israel Ofek-1 19th Sep, 1988
Luxembourg Astra 1A 11th Dec, 1988
Pakistan Badr-1 16th July, 1990
Russia Cosmos 2175 21th Jan, 1992
Algeria AISAT-1 28th Nov, 2002
Iran Sina-1 27th Oct, 2005
Estonia ESATCuba-1 7th May, 2013
Katar Es'hail 1 29th Oct, 2013
Iraq Tigrisat 19th Jun, 2014
New Zealand Humanity Star 21st Jan, 2018
Bangladesh Bangabandhu-1 12th May, 2018
Bhutan Bhutan 1 29th Jun, 2018
Nepal Nepali Sat-1 17th Apr, 2019
Srilanka Raavana 1 17th Apr, 2019
Paraguay GuaraniSat-1 20th Feb, 2021
Myanmar (Burma) Mayanmar Satelite-1 20th Feb, 2021

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